Galvanized Side Mount Spare Tire Carrier


Brand Com-Fab

Installation Instructions:

1. Using the spare tire carrier and spare tire as a guide, determine a suitable mounting location on trailer frame.

2. Slide U-bolt around the frame and through the holes in tire carrier.

3. Mount with flat washers, lock washers and nuts provided.

4. Using the spare tire to determine the correct holes to use, place the carriage bolts provided for mounting the spare tire in the holes of the rectangular plate. Bolt heads should be on the back side of the tire carrier. Secure bolts with “star” washers.

5. The mounting plate will accommodate several sizes of frames by using the various hole patterns.

6. Check position of the tire mount for proper clearance with the spare tire before tightening bolts.

7. Mount spare tire with 1/2" bolt, washers and hex nuts provided.

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