1. VIN Labels: We prefer to affix these here at the manufacturing facility, but if you prefer to affix these yourselves, ensure that you have affixed the ENTIRE LABEL. DO NOT simply affix the micro-label as it ONLY contains the VIN and leaves out other important information.

  2. MSO’s (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin): These should be signed by the dealer and given to your customers when you sell the trailers.

  3. Bill of Sale: Please include the model number and VIN of the trailer on your bill of sale.

  4. Safety Sheets and Documentation: We include safety sheets and other documentation for each trailer upon delivery. These should be given to your customers when you sell the trailers as they contain important safety, assembly and warranty information.



* Please note that these terms apply to dealers in all US states regardless of your state’s registration requirements.



Trailer registration laws vary from state to state. The above terms exist to protect the original and second-hand owners of Com-Fab's manufactured trailers for the life of the trailer, to protect the original owner should he/she relocate to another state with differing registration laws, and to facilitate the future sale and transfer of ownership of trailers.