2900 lb Galvanized PWC Idler Trailer Axle w/ 545 Hubs and Springs HF 87 SC 74


Brand Com-Fab

2900 lb Galvanized Idler Trailer Axle w/ 545 Hubs and Springs

*This item is not shipped! Pickup only from our location at 2375 Pleasantdale Rd. Atlanta, GA 30340*

*NOTE: if your trailer is older than 2006, call before ordering to ensure you receive the correct axle.*

Materials Include:

1 - 80.375" x 2" x 2" x .17" Gauge Galvanized Axle Tubing

2 - Galvanized 5-Bolt Hub Assembly

2 - 3-Leaf Double Eye Springs (1850 lb)

1 - 7000# Galvanized Tie Plate Kit

- This item is used on all Tandem, and Single Axle Non-Brake Setup Pontoon Boat Trailers.

- It can be mounted to a Single Axle Pontoon Boat Trailer Fender with a Pontoon Boat Trailer Single Axle Mounting Kit.

- Two of them can be mounted to Tandem Axle Pontoon Boat Trailer Fenders with a Pontoon Boat Trailer Tandem Axle Mounting Kit

**Some states require brakes on all axles and/or wheels. please refer to local laws when placing your order. it is up to the individual dealer to stay within the guidelines as set by the legal authorities.


Tubing: 2" Galvanized Square Axle

Load Rating: 2900 lb

Hub Face: 87"

Spring Center: 74"

Overall Length: 92"

Bearing Size: 1-3/8" x 1-1/16"

PT-1400 PT-1618 PT-1820

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