1/2″ Zinc Flat Washer


Brand Com-Fab

1/2″ Zinc Flat Washer

Two of these are used with a 1/2″-13 x 4.5″ Zinc Hex Head Cap Bolt, a 1/2" Zinc Top Lock Nut, a 3" Poly Bow Roller, and 3" Bell Ends to create a 3" Poly Bow Roller Assembly.


PWT-800B PWT-800G PWT-1000B PWT-1000G PWT-1100B PWT-1100G PWT-2212B PWT-2212G PWT-2213G PWT-2213B PWT-2214B PWT-2214G JBT-900 JBT-1400 JBT-1600 JBT-1600 'RIVER HAWK'

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